Residence is the stage of life, the harbor of soul, the carrier of art. It is often said that writing mirrors the writer and painting reflects the painter. Similarly, residence shows the different philosophy of life. The interior design of residence has evolved from stylized to personalized, from distinctive to blending.  


Across large-sized foyer, red defines artistic enthusiasm of the space. Geometric golden sculpture, with its vintage grandeur, intertwines with the red, like melodies that reverberate throughout the space.      

In the living room, striking ceiling extends top of the space. Horizontal and vertical metal rods are interspersed, and the top module is constructed. The rods also integrate spotlights into overall illumination. The geometric composition makes the ceiling as light as if suspending in the air.


Furnishings with metallic luster echo with the ceiling in terms of material. The light filters in through windows. The breeze caresses one’s cheeks. Whether sitting alone or gathering with friends, it offers free and eased enjoyment.

The foyer separates dining room from living room. Openness of modern design is conveyed through the concept of spatial circulation. Each exclusive area has its own function. The red and the gold create exquisiteness and grandeur of the villa. 


Art comes from life, and life is a part of art. Artworks can add fun to space. In the dining room, black and white materials form the space background in a minimalist way. Exquisite edge of stainless bronze highlights a slim outline. On the wall, a large-scale painting seems like dispersed rouge, enhancing a sense of dynamic elegance. 

Red sets the tone in leisure room, running through furniture to artistic ornaments, which grab visitors’ eyes with exquisite edges and corners. Black marble & bronze side table and other dark-toned furniture are in balance with the red, realizing a perfect color-matching.   


On the second floor, oversized master bedroom allows a more diversified space combination, along with a new lifestyle. Horizontal dividing lines match the human scale. Materials in different depth of warm brown and orange enrich the space color. Divergent patterned carpet occupies a huge floor area with a cohesive centripetal force pointing to the bed, which adds a bit of stylish & artistic atmosphere.    


The same large-scale study room provides its owner with any possibility of using. Copper cabinets are embedded into the wall and integrated as bookcase. Similar technique is adopted in the ceiling and the living room, creating intermittent continuation with sculptural frames.    

Black stones wrap out every detail of the bathroom. Oversized mirror extends a sense of penetration, which enlarges the visual space and interprets inherent luxury of modern bathroom concept.


큰 현관을 가로질러, 빨간색은 공간의 예술적 열정을 정의한다. 빈티지한 웅장함이 돋보이는 기하학적 금색 조형은 공간 곳곳에 붉은 색과 얽혀 있다. 거실은 천장이 위로 뻗어 있고, 수평 금속대와 수직 금속대가 교차된다. 이런 기하학적 구성은 천장을 마치 공중에 매달려 있는 것처럼 가볍게 만든다. 메탈릭한 광택이 나는 소재가 반복됨으로써 혼자 앉아 있든, 친구들과 모이든, 자유롭고 편안한 즐거움을 제공한다.


식당은 흑백 소재가 공간을 미니멀리즘 방식으로 형성하고 스틸로 된 독특한 모서리는 슬림한 윤곽을 부각시킨다. 벽면에는 대형 그림으로 역동적인 우아함을 더했다. 휴식 및 객실 공간의 빨간색은 방문객들의 눈을 사로잡는다. 검은색 대리석&구리 빛 테이블 등 어두운 톤의 가구들이 빨간색과 균형을 이루며 완벽한 컬러 매칭을 실현한다. 2층 침실의 서로 다른 깊이의 따뜻한 갈색과 오렌지의 재료는 공간색을 풍부하게 한다. 방사형 패턴 카펫은 넓은 바닥을 차지하고 있어 세련되고 예술적인 분위기를 더한다. 화장실은 검은 돌로 디자인했으며, 오버사이즈의 거울은 시각공간을 넓히고 현대식 욕실의 고급스러움을 더해준다.




Interior design   Co-Direction Design  

Location   Binhai New District, Tianjin, China 

Area   270㎡ 

Completion   2018. 7 

Soft decorations   Co-Direction Aesthetics 

Materials   Dark marble, wooden floor, wired glass, silk cloth, painted lacquered board, bronze stainless steel, texture coating 

Developer   Tianjin Feng Hua Land Co., Ltd.

Photographer   WYAP

해당 프로젝트는 건축문화 2019년 4월호(Vol. 455)에 게재 되었습니다.

The project was published in the Apr, 2019 issue of the magazine(Vol. 455).

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