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Colorful school building opened in Doorn, The Netherlands


Recently a colorful new school building has been delivered in Doorn, The Netherlands. The total scheme of landscape and buildings was designed by Spring Architectenin collaboration with MoederscheimMoonen Architects. The team of architects worked intensively on this comprehensive task which ultimately led to a real 'education estate'.

A natural center

The entire building process was organized so that the existing school could continue to fully function whilst construction onsite was taking place. The architects came up with a smart plan in which education and sport were divided into two separate buildings. This made it possible for construction and demolition to proceed in phases so that the new school could be built on the site of the old sports halls,after they had been rebuilt elsewhere. The site of the new school is in fact at the core of the total terrain and so causes the new school to become a natural focal point. Occupying the site of the old school building is a large water feature that has been created to ensure that the previous water issues on site are finally a thing of the past.

 ⓒ Spring Architecten & MoederscheimMoonen Architects

House Revius - an efficient, inspiring and sustainable learning environment

From the architects: 'Our ambition was to design a compact school. A school building without corridors and where all rooms would become effective learning spaces.This has resulted in a compact three-layer design in which the different study plazas and classrooms are clustered around the dynamic heart of the school. Our design strategy has enabled us to realize fewer traffic space than originally calculated, leading to more square meters of study space. The building also contains a number of unique spaces and functions that create an overall inspiring learning environment. The auditorium, the many practical rooms and the study room are the real eye catchers in addition to the regular classrooms. '

 ⓒ Spring Architecten & MoederscheimMoonen Architects

The facade of the building has a special appearance and references the nearby ‘House Doorn’. From the architects: 'The area of Doorn is known for its many estates.The typical relationship between the landscape and the powerful detached country house certainly influenced our design. We actually made a building in a building; a very compact three-layer building within the skin of a two-tier building with a roof. This is expressed by the second facade that we have created. This facade, with colored steel slats, provides a powerful and recognizable gesture in the environment and a gradual transition between inside and outside. Each side of the building has large gates within the slat structure: the striking and recognizable face of "the house”; at the same time these openings form a connection between the landscape and the unique spaces”.

ⓒ Spring Architecten & MoederscheimMoonen Architects

The compact school and the sports building are designed with various innovative techniques that result in a future-proof and sustainable design. For instance,a heat pump system is used which uses the outside air as an energy source. In combination with the many PV panels, they have become buildings without a gas connection, where all rooms are individually adjustable for cooling, heating, ventilation and lighting.This has created an optimal learning and working climate.

ⓒ Spring Architecten & MoederscheimMoonen Architects

An estate for sports

Sport is an important part of education at the Revius Lyceum. It played a very prominent role in the design of the landscape. For example, the main sports field at the rear of the site is surrounded by beautiful trees, and has therefore remained unaffected. The terrain design, however, also accommodates many new sporting facilities such as a beach volleyball court, a panna-soccer cage and various other elements that invite exercise and different activities.

 ⓒ Spring Architecten & MoederscheimMoonen Architects

The sports building itself has also been influenced by the surrounding landscape. In the design of this building, the three different sports halls are placed around a monumental tree. The tree creates an attraction towards entering the sports building and is also emphasized by the choice of warm and natural materials. The architectural appearance can be characterized by the interchanging 'volumes'; the gymnasiums together with the low-rise changing rooms form a varied picture of volumes with different heights. To link these spaces, it was decided to let the plinth be the binding element, both in terms of materialization and transparency.

 ⓒ Spring Architecten & MoederscheimMoonen Architects

Awesome and Bright

The complex has been in use since the beginning of the school year in August. The reactions of the pupils after the first day of school can be summarized as 'awesome!',and 'It’s so light everywhere!'. The teachers' reactions have been just as enthusiastic, one particularly mentioning the direct relationship between the classrooms and the study plazas. The new Revius Lyceum has been definitively accepted!

ⓒ Spring Architecten & MoederscheimMoonen Architects

네덜란드 도른에 개교한 다채로운 학교

경관과 건물의 총 계획은 모에더쉬임마넨 건축가들과 함께 스프링아테닌이 설계했다. 


ⓒ Spring Architecten & MoederscheimMoonen Architects

House Revius - 효율적이고 영감을 주며 지속 가능한 학습 환경

설계의 목표는 컴팩트한 학교를 디자인하는 것이었다. 복도가 없고 모든 공간이 효과적인 학습 공간이 될 수 있는 학교 건물. 이로 인해 학교의 중심부로부터 서로 다른 스터디 광장 및 교실이 모여있는 콤팩트한 3층 설계가 이루어졌다. 이 디자인 전략은 원래 계산된 것보다 더 많은 교육 공간을 이끌어냈다. 또한 전반적으로 영감을 주는 학습 환경으로, 독특한 공간과 기능을 다양하게 갖추고 있다. 강당과 많은 실습실, 스터디룸들이 일반교실과 함께 이목을 끈다.

ⓒ Spring Architecten & MoederscheimMoonen Architects

그 건물의 정면은 특별한 외관을 가지고 있다. 색이 칠해진 강철 슬래트로 된 입면은 강력하고 눈에 띄며, 슬레이트 구조물 내에 큰 입구을 가지고 있어 내부에서 외부로의 점진적 전환과 함께 서로를 연결하고 있다.


ⓒ Spring Architecten & MoederscheimMoonen Architects

작은 학교와 체육관은 지속 가능한 디자인을 위하여 다양한 혁신적 기법으로 설계되었다. 예를 들어, 열펌프 시스템은 외부 공기를 에너지원으로 사용하고, 많은 PV 패널과 함께 가스 연결 없이 모든 방이 냉각, 난방, 환기 및 조명을 위해 개별적으로 조정 가능하다.이것은 최적의 학습과 작업 환경을 만들어낸다.

ⓒ Spring Architecten & MoederscheimMoonen Architects

스포츠 용지

운동은 Revius Lyceum 교육의 중요한 부분이다. 그것은 경관디자인에 매우 중요한 역할을 했다. 뒤편에 있는 운동장은 아름다운 나무들로 자연스럽게 둘러싸여 있으며, 비치발리볼 코트, 축구장, 다양한 운동과 활동을 할 수 있는 새로운 스포츠시설들도 갖추고 있다.

설계상 세 개의 다른 홀들은 기념비적인 나무 주위에 배치되어 있다. 이 나무는 체육관으로 끌어들이는 매력을 주며, 따뜻하고 자연적 재료에 의해 강조된다. 건축적 외관은 낮은 층의 탈의실과 함께 높이가 다른 다양한 볼륨을 형성하고 있다. 


ⓒ Spring Architecten & MoederscheimMoonen Architects

멋지고 밝다.

이곳은 8월 학기 초부터 사용되고 있다. 개학 후 학생들의 반응은 한마디로 '멋지다!', '어디서나 밝다!' 였다. 교사들은 특히 교실과 스터디광장을 직접 연결시킨 것을 좋아했다. 새로운 Revius Lyceum은 확실히 합격이었다!






Architect   Spring Architecten & MoederscheimMoonen Architects

Location   Doorn, The Netherlands 

Program   classrooms, sports halls, auditiorium, library, offices, landscape

Area   8.600 ㎡

Sketch design   2014. 11

Delivery   2017. 10

Architects in charge   Alfons Hams, Jurjen Vermeer, Erik Moederscheim

Project team   EricStrookman, Herman Hendriks, Anneke Heins, Amira Sehovic, Jelle Rinsema, Christiaan Harmse, Sulejman Gusic, Fernando Polo Calvo, Carlos Surinach, Jelmer van Zalingen

Structural designer   Pieters Bouwtechniek

Installations consultancy   Klicktet BV

Building physics   Peutz

Project management   Hevo

Interior advisor   Ilse Panis

Contractor   Burgland Bouw BV

Client   CVO, Revius Lyceum

Photographer   Spring Architecten & MoederscheimMoonen Architects

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