ⓒ Kyung Roh

The building is located below the Kukkiwon Intersection in Yeoksamdong, Gangnam-gu. The client was a representative of a company that trades with Italy, and they asked to design the office building to harmonize with the surrounding. After talking to the residents and workers living in the vicinity as the design began, there was a common feature that there was a lot of garbage around the site and it was a place where teenagers commit illegalities, since the existing building deteriorated and was unmanaged. There were some residents who said that they had to take the long way around because the area around the site was gloomy at night. The design was carried out while thinking about what a building that appropriately reflects the client’s and residents’ opinions, and harmonizes with the surrounding is.

ⓒ Kyung Roh

The building’s area and number of floors were limited. The land area of the site was 160m², it was a small land with a floor area of less than 80.4m² even if the the whole floor area of one floor was used, and the number of floors was limited to two stories. Fortunately, the site had a one-story high difference of elevation. The sloped sited was decided to be actively utilized by adjusting the entrance level. The minimum amount of materials and building elements were decided to be used for the finish. Since concrete, which forms the main exterior wall of the building, is durable and is a structurally necessary frame, it has the advantage of not requiring other decorations. This was also worried about during the design process since the shape of the cast leads to the finish. In addition, bangkirai wood was used in some parts since concrete architecture could give a cold feeling. The cold feeling of the concrete was able to be relieved by using wood for the entrance part.

ⓒ Kyung Roh


건물은 강남구 역삼동 국기원 사거리 밑에 자리한다. 클라이언트는 이태리와 무역업을 하는 기업의 대표로 사옥을 주변과 어울리도록 설계해달라고 의뢰했다. 설계가 시작되고 인근에 거주하는 주민, 직장인과 대화를 나눠본 결과, 기존 건축물이 노후화되고 관리되지 않아 필지 주변에 쓰레기가 많고 청소년이 불법을 일삼는 장소였다는 공통점이 있었다. 밤에는 대지 주변이 음산하여 길을 돌아가야 했다는 주민 의견도 있었다. 클라이언트와 주민의 의견을 적절히 반영하면서도 주변과 어울리는 건축물이 무엇인지 고민하면서 설계가 진행됐다.

ⓒ Kyung Roh

건축물의 면적과 층수는 한정적이었다. 사이트의 대지면적은 160㎡이며 한 층의 바닥면적을 모두 활용하여도 80.4㎡가 안 되는 작은 필지였으며, 층수는 지상 2층 제한이 있었다. 다행히 대지의 고저차가 1개 층 높이 만큼 있었다. 진입 레벨을 정리하여 경사진 대지를 적극 활용하기로 결정했다. 마감은 최소한의 재료와 부재를 사용하기로 했다. 건축물의 주된 외벽을 이루는 콘크리트는 내구성이 강하며 구조적으로 필요한 뼈대이기에 별다른 치장이 필요없다는 장점이 있다. 설계과정에서는 거푸집 형태가 곧 마감으로 이어지기 때문에 고민하기도 했다. 그 외에도 콘크리트 건축물은 차가운 느낌을 줄 수도 있기 때문에 일부 구간에 반킬라이 목재를 사용하였다. 진입 부분은 목재를 사용하여 콘크리트의 차가운 느낌을 해소할 수 있었다.

Architects pd2ga architects​

Location 37, Bongeunsa-ro 24-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Program Mixed use

Site area 160.80㎡

Building area 79.51㎡

Gross floor area 377.61㎡

Building scope B2, 2F

Building to land ratio 49.45%

Floor area ratio 92.11%

Design period 2018. 4 - 8

Construction period 2018. 8 - 2019. 4

Completion 2019. 4

Principal architect Kyungbin Cho

Project architect Kyungbin Cho

Design team Suhee Jang, Junhwan Kim

Structural engineer EUN CONSULTING STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS Mechanical engineer HaneulChun Co., Ltd.

Electrical engineer HaneulChun Co., Ltd.


Client Giyong Choi, Soonyeoung Park, Hyemin Choi

Photographer Kyung Roh

해당 프로젝트는 건축문화 2019년 9월호(Vol. 460)에 게재 되었습니다.

The project was published in the September, 2019 issue of the magazine(Vol. 460).

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