ⓒ Changmook Kim

A life in a detached house is an object of admiration that we always cherish and desire. The owner bought, by chance, a 125.61㎡ of land in Neung-dong, Gwangjin-gu, for a life in a detached house which he always dreamed of, and for a home in Seoul. 

ⓒ Changmook Kim

Although it is a strange neighborhood, there is the Children’s Grand Park, the site, which includes the panorama of Achasan Mountain far away, was made into a space to live together in around the time his two young children, who are briefly studying abroad in New Zealand, and his wife return, as well as a house that is simple yet includes rentable houses and neighborhood living facilities. 

ⓒ Changmook Kim

Raonjae, which has the meaning of a cheerful and warm home, is made up of a neighborhood living facility on the first floor, rental housings on the second to third floors, and a space for the owner family on the fourth floor and the attic. Since it is surrounded by commonly seen red brick houses and low-rise residences as it is situated in the existing residential street, white bricks were mainly used for a bright image in the city, and it was made to provide a refined image differentiated from the surrounding buildings by using point bricks on the lower floors. 

ⓒ Changmook Kim

The sense of space towards the windows from the rental household was diversely expressed by applying different designs to all windows seen from the main road, a sight open to the road was formed through the corner window, and the panorama of Achasan mountain in the distance was included. The staircase that leads to the attic includes the close-range view of the neighbors and Achasan mountain with the long vertical window, and it is used as a vibrant space where the two young children can climb up and down and enjoy. 

ⓒ Changmook Kim

Pleasantness was provided by also using bright and gorgeous materials for the interior design of the rental households, and even though it is a narrow house, a space like my home within the main gate was allowed to be provided by applying the concept of a yard that can be used together. 

ⓒ Changmook Kim

The fourth floor terrace, which was made to appropriately block the gaze from the neighbors with a handrail plan using aluminum louvers, becomes a party space to enjoy in the town center as well as a family relaxing space, and the rooftop terrace was made to be a quiet  meditation space as well as a space for breaks in between work that turns everyone’s eyes upon the distant Achasan mountain. A detached house the owner dreams of. Today, for a house where the family is happy, Raonjae grows the flowers and trees, forms a kitchen garden, and casts rose vines for a beautiful wall and fence.

ⓒ Changmook Kim

단독주택에서의 삶이란 우리가 늘 품고, 희망하는 동경의 대상이다. 건축주는 우연한 기회에 그동안 꿈꾸고 있었던 단독주택에서의 삶을, 그리고 서울에서의 보금자리를 위해 광진구 능동에 38평의 대지를 구입하였다. 낯선 동네지만 어린이대공원이 있고, 멀리 아차산의 전경을 품은 대지를 뉴질랜드에 잠깐 유학 중인 어린 두 자녀와 아내가 돌아올 때쯤 같이 살아갈 공간이자, 소소하지만 임대가 가능한 주택과 근린생활시설을 갖춘 집으로 만들었다. 라온재는 즐겁고 따뜻한 보금자리를 뜻하는 것으로 1층은 근린생활시설, 2~3층은 임대주택, 4층과 다락층은 건축주 가족을 위한 공간으로 구성되었다. 

ⓒ Changmook Kim

기존 주택가에 자리 잡고 있어 흔히 볼 수 있는 붉은 벽돌집들과 저층 주거들로 둘러싸여 있는 상황으로 도시에서의 밝은 이미지를 위해 하얀색벽돌을 주로 사용하였으며, 저층에는 포인트 벽돌을 사용하여 주변 건축물과는 차별화되고 세련된 이미지를 주도록 하였다. 주 도로 쪽에서 바라보는 창들은 모두 다른 디자인을 적용하여 임대세대에서의 창으로 향한 공간감을 다양하게 표현하였으며, 코너창을 통한 도로로 열린 시각을 형성하고 멀리 아차산의 전경을 담아냈다. 

ⓒ Changmook Kim

다락으로 향하는 계단은 수직의 긴 창과 함께 아차산과 이웃의 근경을 함께 담아내고, 어린 두 자녀가 오르내리며 즐기는 생기 넘치는 공간으로 사용되고 있다. 임대세대의 인테리어도 밝고 화사한 재료를 사용하여 쾌적성을 주었으며, 협소한 주택임에도 불구하고, 함께 이용할 수 있는 마당의 개념을 적용하여 대문 안의 내 집 같은 공간을 제공할 수 있도록 하였다. 

ⓒ Changmook Kim

4층의 테라스에는 알루미늄 루버를 이용한 난간계획으로 이웃에서의 시선을 적절히 차단할 수 있도록 하여 도심에서 즐기는 파티공간과 가족 휴식공간이 되고, 옥상층의 테라스는 조용한 사색의 공간과 멀리 아차산으로의 시선을 던지는 망중한의 공간이 되도록 하였다. 건축주가 꿈꾸는 주택. 가족이 행복한 집을 위해 오늘도 라온재는 꽃과 나무를 가꾸고, 텃밭을 조성하고, 예쁜 담장과 울타리를 위해 장미 넝쿨을 드리운다.



Location Neungdong-ro 32-gil 62, gwangjin-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 

Site area 127.90㎡ 

Building area 76.08㎡ 

Gross floor area 191.69㎡ 

Building scope 4F 

Building to land ratio 59.48% 

Floor area ratio 149.87% 

Design period 2018. 4 - 8 

Construction period 2018. 9 - 2019. 2 

Completion 2019. 2 

Principal architect Young-A Mun 

Project architect Young-A Mun 

Design team Sora Kim, Dongjun Jin, Taekwan Jeon 

Structural engineer CH Construction 

Mechanical engineer Kunchang Engineering 

Electrical engineer Kunchang Engineering 

Construction Namhoon Kim 

Client Namhoon Kim 

Photographer Changmook Kim

해당 프로젝트는 건축문화 2019년 6월호(Vol. 457)에 게재 되었습니다.

The project was published in the Jun, 2019 issue of the magazine(Vol. 457).

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