ⓒ Tomohiro Sakashita

It is a house with an atelier built in a quiet residential area where low-rise houses are lined up. In particular, it is located in an area where flat parking lots are concentrated, and it is a pioneered place where you can see the exterior from all sides even though it is in the city, so I thought that it was necessary to have a design with no front and back in consideration of all directions.

ⓒ Tomohiro Sakashita

Although the front road on the north side is as wide as 10m, the building volume is examined while clearing the road diagonal line regulation and the shade regulation, and both restrictions are set to the maximum height. The ridgelines of the western and eastern elevations are different because of this shade regulation.

ⓒ Tomohiro Sakashita

The client requested that the first floor should have as much parking space as possible, and that the upper floors from the second floor should have an internal space that connects the line of sight while providing a stairwell.

ⓒ Tomohiro Sakashita

A two-story house, as well as a conventional JR line and an elevated Shinkansen, are located just south of the site, blocking the view to the south. Therefore, a room with a high ceiling is piled up on the south side, and the ceiling height is divided into two by the waist wall and the opening, and while blocking the line of sight to the house on the south side, the scenery leading to the sky and the lighting are compatible. 

ⓒ Tomohiro Sakashita

The room on the north side is connected by a skip floor via a staircase located in the center of the plan, and by ensuring a transparent view as much as possible, multiple floor slabs are layered through the atrium. On the north side of the 4th and 5th floors, a terrace created by setting back the outer wall surface was placed to create an external space that connects the city and the sky. The outer façade surface of the terrace is covered with an expanded metal film as a soft buffer zone with the town, giving it the appearance of a closed box that wraps the terrace.

ⓒ Tomohiro Sakashita

We tried a box with different elevation designs on four sides, with different openings for each direction, such as relationships with the city and taking in the natural environment. On the other hand, inside, the thin-walled rigid frame structure and the frame of the void slab contain a continuous space of vision and air composed of plates, creating a space full of light and air.

ⓒ Tomohiro Sakashita

저층 주택이 늘어서 있는 한적한 주택가에 놓여진 이 아뜰리에 프로젝트는 널찍하게 평탄한 주차장이 많고, 도심임에도 사방에서 외관을 바라볼 수 있는 개활지에 놓여 있다. 이러한 대지조건을 고려해 건축가는 앞뒤 구분이 없는 디자인을 제안했다.

ⓒ Tomohiro Sakashita

주변 도로들의 너비와 시야 규제 등을 피하면서 최대한의 높이를 가져왔다. 건축주는 1층에 최대한 많은 주차공간을 가지길 원했고, 2층부터 위로 가는 계단이 제공되면서 가시선을 연결하는 내부공간을 요청했다.

ⓒ Tomohiro Sakashita

2층짜리 주택이나 신칸센, JR노선이 남쪽에서 남향의 시야를 가로막고 있어 층고가 높은 방을 남쪽으로 배치했다. 층고에 따라 분할되는 두 공간은 남쪽에 위치한 이웃주택으로부터 시야를 차단하면서도 하늘을 향하는 조망이 함께 할 수 있도록 만들어준다.

ⓒ Tomohiro Sakashita

북쪽의 방은 평면 중앙에 위치한 계단을 통해 연결되며, 최대한 투명하게 시야를 확보했다. 여러 개의 바닥 슬래브가 아트리움을 통해 층층이 쌓아가면서 배치된다. 4층과 5층의 북측면에는 외벽면을 뒤로 돌려 만든 테라스가 자리해 도시와 하늘을 잇는 외부공간을 제공해준다.파사드는 마을로 확장되는 금속 필름으로 덮여 테라스를 감싸안는 상자같은 느낌을 준다.

ⓒ Tomohiro Sakashita

건축가는 자연환경을 받아들이는 것과 도시와의 관계를 고려해 각 방향마다 다른 개구부를 가진 다양한 입면을 만들어냈다. 내부에는 얇은 강체 프레임 벽과 보이드 슬래브의 프레임들이 시야와 환기가 연속적으로 이어지는, 가득 찬 공간을 만들었다.

ⓒ Tomohiro Sakashita

ⓒ Tomohiro Sakashita

ⓒ Tomohiro Sakashita






Location   Hakushimakukencho,Naka-ku,Hiroshima-shi.Hiroshima prf Japan

Program   Atelier

Site area   109.27m²

Building area   64.50m²

Gross floor area   225.02m²

Building scope   5F

Building to land ratio   59%

Floor area ratio   205%

Design period   2018. 01 - 2019. 06

Construction period   2019. 08 - 2020. 03

Completion   2020.03

Principal architect   Yutaka Yoshida

Project architect   Yutaka Yoshida


Structural engineer   Kaneko Structural Engineers



Construction   Kawai Construction Industry Co.,Ltd.

Client   private

Photographer   Tomohiro Sakashita

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