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Urban equipment as a dynamizing and integrating community space   In Latin America, the fundamental role of facilities as the link between citizens and the city, has been dispensed. Preventing citizens from exercising their right to it. These spaces represent the principles of collective life, and are a tool to produce positive impacts on social groups.

The city of Babahoyo - Los Ríos, Ecuador; a coastal region of Ecuador with approximately 175 thousand inhabitants, experiences a lack of efficient equipment that meets integrative needs within the urban area, that is, that provides spatial possibilities, allowing the strengthening of a community.

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María and Carlos, a young entrepreneurial couple from Babahoyo who own a small gym, decided to take a next step after several years of activity. They proposed to use part of the existing infrastructure of their current one-story home in the urban center of the city, partially exchanging their residential space to make it productive, living alongside it. As a strategy to save costs, two actions were carried out; In the first place, partitions, beams and columns initially designed for a 4-story building, were reused, transforming it into a physical training center. Secondly, a barter was established, where the design and construction management of the project were exchanged for free access to the gym for a defined time to the architecture team. In this way, the idea that the city is developed from decisions, agreements, exchanges and ventures of each inhabitant is vindicated.

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It is proposed to domesticate the spaces of social interaction and open them to the street, with the intention of making it a livable place and generator of memory, where the objective of exercising is as important as meeting your neighbors.

Bardales was developed with limited resources, where both, technical and material solutions were designed as it became available; it can be said that the limitation was an important source of creativity, to design with what is necessary. In this way, local labor, materials from the region and a system of hybrid structures - between wood, concrete and metal - were included, allowing us to adjust to the needs and possibilities.

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The project is configured and delimited by side walls of concrete blocks and exposed brick. Inside it is distributed in weight, dance, cardio and boxing activities, added to an integration terrace on the top floor of the building. This idea of heterogeneous activities drives the decision to avoid dividing walls - except for the bathrooms-, creating a connection between activities, horizontally and vertically. The front end avoids the use of glass, since it is solved with an 8m high mobile wooden lattice system, allowing control of ventilation, solar incidence and rain. In this way, not only is thermal control and safety guaranteed, but users are encouraged to have more direct contact with the neighborhood.

Bardales reflects on the way in which urban facilities are developed in cities and the usual conditions in which people exercise; It is an idea that energizes and integrates a group eager to connect with their city and its possibilities of generating community.

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도심 속 연결의 운동공간, 바르데일스 트레이닝 센터

역동적이고 통합적인 공동체 공간   작은 체육관을 운영하고 있는 바바호요 출신의 젊은 부부 마리아와 카를로스는 몇 년 간의 사업 끝에 다음 단계를 밟기로 결심했다. 그들은 도심에 있는 1층짜리 주택을 재활용해 생산적이고 함께 살 수 있는 공간을 만들고자 했다. 비용 절감을 위해 우선, 기존 건물을 위한 칸막이, 보, 기둥을 재사용하여 체육 훈련센터로 바꾸었다. 두 번째로, 건축팀과 디자인팀이 자유롭게 체육관을 드나들며 시공과 설계를 번갈아 할 수 있도록 했다.

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도시는 각 거주자들의 결정, 합의, 교류, 도전으로부터 발전한다는 생각 아래에서 이웃을 만나는 것만큼 운동이라는 목적을 중요시하는, 살기 좋은 장소를 만들기 위해 건축가와 건축주는 사회적 상호작용의 공간을 개방했다. 이 프로젝트는 한정된 자원으로 개발되었다. 기술과 재료의 솔루션에 있어서 양측을 모두 이용해야 했다. 제한 안에서 필요한 것을 디자인하는 과정은 창의성의 중요한 원천이 되었다. 다양한 방식으로 지역의 노동력, 재료, 목재와 금속, 콘크리트가 사용된 혼합 구조 시스템이 건축물에 녹아들었다.

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프로젝트는 콘크리트 블록과 노출된 벽돌의 측면 벽으로 구성되고 구분된다. 내부에는 웨이트 트레이닝, 댄스, 권투, 유산소운동 등의 프로그램이 분포되어 있으며, 꼭대기 층에는 통합 테라스가 더해진다. 이러한 아이디어는 화장실을 제외한 공간에서 벽이 분할되는 것을 피해 공간과 프로그램이 수평으로, 또 수직으로 연결되도록 한다. 전면 파사드는 8m 높이의 목재 격자로 싸여 통풍, 일사량과 강우 피해에 대한 조절이 가능하게 계획되었다.

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바르데일스는 도시 안에서 도시시설이 개발되는 방식과 사람들이 운동하는 조건을 반영한다. 이 시설은 운동공간일 뿐 아니라 도시와 공동체를 형성할 수 있는 가능성들과 집단에 활력을 불어넣고 통합하는 아이디어다.

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Architects   Natura Futura Arquitectura

Location   Babahoyo, Los Rios, Ecuador

Program   Neighborhood living facility

Gross floor area   650m²

Competion   2020

Photographer   JAG Studio

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