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Higashi-ikoma where surrounded by the ikoma-mountain and the Yada-hills still left some nature. On the other hand Higashi-ikoma is high-end residential as same as Gakuen-Toshi since it has been developed as estate by Kintetsu.


The planned land in Higashi-ikoma is located middle of a small hill which could avoid large-scale development on the North of the ikoma line. After we drive up narrow road the land will appear in front of you.


The land has two faces the both South area and North area, the most of South are is sloping land, and North area has a tiny flatland and there is an old one-story house. Additionally North of the land is peaceful green area. The land seems like an untouchable area, but we consider that we could use this area as “characteristic of abandoned place”.




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The owner who loves outdoor requests are “one –story house with wood-deck and the loft space is planned as a bedroom”. However, the land is not wide enough to plan one-story house, if we planned one-story house in the land the plan will be same volume as two-stories house. To solve it we start planning with adjusting floor level of each rooms based the loft which is the bed room.


When you sit on the stairwell from the study 2nd floor you can see sloping land on South, and if you look back North side, the peaceful green is spread, by that you would feel “you are nestling on the hill”. And once, you open the windows in the study and the dining comfortable breeze will blow through the house, also you can hear song of neighbor birds and cat chatting from the north.


The house has been the connection of “the abandoned place” and “The nestling space on the hill”.




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경사지에 지어진 자연의 주택


히가시이코마에 있는 대지는 좁은 길을 따라 올라가 마주하는 경사지의 한 켠이었다. 남쪽으로는 경사진 땅이, 북쪽으로는 아주 작은 평지와 녹지가 자리한 말하자면 '포기한 대지'에서 건축가는 그 특성을 살려서 활용해보고자 생각하고 설계를 시작했다.


외부와 연결되기를 희망했던 건축주는 "나무데크가 있는 1층집에, 로프트에 침실을 만들고 싶다"라고 요청했다. 하지만 1층집을 계획하기엔 좁은 대지면적을 생각해 침실로 사용될 로프트를 기준으로 각 실의 층수를 조정하면서 설계안을 조정해 나갔다.




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2층의 서재에서 계단에 걸터앉으면 남쪽의 경사지와 북쪽의 초록이 펼쳐지며 '언덕에 둥지를 틀고 있다'라는 느낌을 준다. 서재 창을 통해 들어오는 시원한 바람과, 산새들의 노래, 고양이들이 떠드는 소리들이 모여 집을 아늑하고 평화로운 보금자리로 완성시킨다.


이를 통해 건축가는 외지고 경사진 '포기한 대지'를 '언덕 위의 보금자리'로 연결지어 풀어낼 수 있었다.




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Architects   atelier thu

Principal architects   Asuka Tsuboi, Takahiro Hosogai, Satoshi Ueda

Location   Ikoma, Nara, Japan

Construction   Yamamotoyasu koumuten, Masahito Yamamoto 

Gross floor area   112.61㎡

Complete   2020. 4

Photographer   atelier thu

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