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The owner of this project, Mr. Narongvit (Founder & Director of Sleepless society & Chandelier music), fell in love at first sight after seeing this location. Panoramic view of the lake, spotting from this site, plays an important role in reminding him of his ideal house, where it has been blissfully surrounded by nature, between the lake and the sky, like staying in a wonderful private resort, which makes dwellers don’t want to go anywhere. The inner courtyard at the center of the house, connected all spaces, grants the owner to connect with green views all day long. The enclosing space of this house allows him to be more relax and relieve, which met his need to not only concentrating on composing music but also creating an area to party with friends.




ⓒ Rungkit Charoenwat




The owner’s dream was conveyed to us, let us know immediately that the crucial thing of designing this house is not an outstanding form but space and atmosphere. The priority thing we focused on is how we can optimize the panoramic view of the lake, which recalled us to the space of an amphitheater, which will increase your range of visual contact. Imagine when we are at the upper level looking down through the lower level, the front-seated audience wouldn’t obstruct our eye-sight, on the other hand, if we are at the lower level, looking up to the upper level, we will simultaneously face all of the upper-seated audience. A similar case to this house, If we are at the bedroom, looking at the lake-side, we can look through the inner courtyard and living room to spot the lake-view. On the other side, if we are in the living room beside the lake, looking back to the bedroom-side, we will see the steps of the green terraces, which covered up a parking space that we wouldn’t want to see. Meanwhile, if we are at the working space on the second floor, take a look at the downstairs amphitheatrical garden, you will be able to see more green space than a plain flat garden. Besides, dwellers will be more connected to nature, however, the enclosing space of the house won't allow the outsiders to spot anything inside the house as well.




ⓒ Rungkit Charoenwat




The selected materials for this house were inspired by the owner’s interior decoration of the previous house and the Chandelier Music office. They were decorated in loft style, with an eclectic mix of European vintage furniture. The owner himself is generally an easy-going person, while, still maintain neat and meticulous at the same time. Therefore, we opted for some loft-style materials to arrange and make them more lavishing such as brick look tile. Normally, it will be placed in horizontal masonry pattern, resembling the three-dimensional look of brick, we adapted the idea, while at the same time, rotate a bit, and lay them vertically piece by piece, with the 2 cm-thick bricks, which the rear-side typically have a groove for mounting to the wall, but, we turned that fluted side out to make a unique difference.




ⓒ Rungkit Charoenwat




Since the master bedroom was placed in the front, parallel with the road-side, which may interrupt owner’s privacy and more possible to absorb more heat from morning sunlight, so, we designed façade to cover all of this part, which we noticed that 1:2 ratio brick in the size of 7.5-cm wide and 15-cm long is ubiquitous and a basic proportion, while, 1:6 ratio brick (5-cm wide, 30-cm long) is not popular, but it attracted us! If we adopt this kind of bricks and lay them at a 45-degree angle, they will create gaps between themselves in the way that those 1:2 ratio brick unable to do. Besides those effective heat preventing functions, they generate good ventilation which advantage to an interior wall surface temperature as well. Above all, this practical façade allows the house more outstanding and increases curiosity to those outsiders of what behinds this attractive façade too.




ⓒ Rungkit Charoenwat




인상적인 파사드를 가진 슬립리스 주택


파노라마처럼 펼쳐진 호수의 풍경은 환상적인 휴양지에 온 듯한 느낌으로 건축주의 마음을 사로잡았다. 집의 중앙을 차지한 안뜰은 모든 공간으로 연결되어 거주자에게 온종일 녹색의 경치와 함께 할 수 있도록 하는 공간이 되었다.




ⓒ Rungkit Charoenwat




건축주는 호수의 전망을 가장 효과적으로 집에 끌어들이기 위해 고민했다. 마치 원형극장처럼 호수를 바라보면서 시각적인 접촉을 증가시켰다. 침실에서 호수를 바라볼 때는 안뜰과 거실을 통해 호수를 바라볼 수 있다. 반면에 거실이나 침실 쪽에서는 경관을 해치지 않도록 주차공간을 가로막은 녹색 테라스의 계단들을 바라볼 수 있다. 층의 높낮이와 둘러싸인 구조의 계획으로 거주자에게 더 많은 자연과의 접촉을 주면서 외부인들로부터 시각적인 자유 또한 주었다.




ⓒ Rungkit Charoenwat




로프트 스타일로 꾸며진 내부는 유럽 빈티지 가구들이 다양하게 혼합되어 있다. 건축주는 태평하면서도 깔끔하고 꼼꼼한 사람이었기에 벽돌 모양 타일같은 보다 깔끔한 인테리어를 만들었다. 일반적으로는 수평의 석조 패턴으로 배치되었겠지만 2cm 두께의 벽돌을 한 조각씩 세로로 돌려 변화를 만들었다.




ⓒ Rungkit Charoenwat




침실이 집의 전면부, 도로와 평행하게 배치되었기 때문에 프라이버시에 대한 보호와 아침햇살에 너무 뜨거워질 것에 대한 대비가 필요했다. 1:2비율의 벽돌보다는 독특한 1:6비율의 벽돌이 건축가의 눈길을 끌었고 벽돌을 이용한 파사드가 침실을 감싸주었다. 벽돌의 45도 각도로 배치하면서 생기는 틈들이 효과적인 열 방지 대책이 되고 환기에도 도움이 된다. 무엇보다, 이 매력적인 파사드는 외부인들에게 호기심을 끌어준다.




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ⓒ Rungkit Charoenwat


ⓒ Rungkit Charoenwat


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Architects   WARchitect

Location   Sammakorn, Bangkok, Tailand

Gross floor area   570m²

Program   Single family house

Complete   2020

Interior design   WARchitect

Landscape   Ginggaanbai

Project architects   Thawin Harnboonseth, Photsawat apariman

Client   Narongvit Techatanawat

Photographer   Rungkit Charoenwat

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