ⓒ Woosang Yang

Gyesan-dong, which is between the southeast end of Gyeryongsan Mountain’s large stream and Honam Expressway, is affiliated to the administrative district of Daejeon Metropolitan City, but it is a secluded place with the appearance of a rural village. A newly opened north-south road goes through the neighborhood, and this site, which is in between this road and the hillside and long in the north-south direction, is a combination of two longitudinal lots. 

ⓒ Woosang Yang

At first, the owner only possessed the north lot of the two lots when they commissioned the design, but in order to procure the prospect toward the beautiful pine forest of the south, the other lot was purchased and the decision was made to build a detached house on the land in which the two lots were merged. 

ⓒ Woosang Yang

The southern view and light were attracted as much as possible while naturally responding to the irregular western boundary, and the space was divided by arranging several vertical walls in a  staggered manner in order to block the noise from the road side. The parking lot was separated from the main building, and by connecting it with a long wall, the generally long site and building were balanced. 

ⓒ Woosang Yang

In order to prevent hindering the souther view, the walls of the parking lot volume were opened to the north-south direction, and this provides a shade allowing barbecues when no cars are parked. When ascending the stairs after opening the eastern main gate, the guest room with a narrow wooden porch is seen on the right side, and when entering by opening the front door, the gaze passes through the yard, which is long to the south, as well as the parking lot, and reaches the densely composed pine forest. 

ⓒ Woosang Yang

On the second floor, a place where the residents can communicate with the exterior space was created with the wide southern deck and the deck where the mountains to the west are visible. The roof, although it is not visible at eye level, was inclined and solar panels were installed, and drainage was facilitated. We hope that it becomes a comfortable home for the owner couple.

ⓒ Woosang Yang

계룡산 큰 흐름의 남동쪽 끝자락과 호남고속도로 사이에 있는 계산동은 행정구역상 대전광역시에 속하지만 시골 마을의 모습을 갖춘 한적한 곳이다. 새로 뚫린 남북방향의 도로가 동네를 관통하는데, 이 도로와 산자락 사이에 남북방향으로 긴 대지는 두 필지를 합병한 것이다. 

ⓒ Woosang Yang

처음에 건축주가 설계를 의뢰할 당시는 두 필지 중 북쪽의 필지만 소유한 상태였지만 남쪽의 보기 좋은 소나무숲을 향한 뷰를 확보하기 위해 나머지 필지도 구입하였고, 두 필지를 합친 곳에 주택을 짓기로 하였다. 

ⓒ Woosang Yang

불규칙한 서쪽경계에 자연스럽게 대응하며 남쪽의 조망과 빛을 최대한 끌어들이고 도로 면의 소음을 막고자 몇 개의 수직 벽들을 엇갈려 배치하여 공간을 구획하였다. 주차장은 본체와 따로 떼어놓고 이를 긴 담장으로 연결하여 전체적으로 긴 대지와 건물이 균형을 이루게 하였다. 

ⓒ Woosang Yang

주차장 볼륨은 남측 시야를 방해하지 않도록 남북방향으로 벽체를 오픈하고, 주차한 차량이 없을 때 바비큐를 할 수 있는 그늘을 제공한다. 동측 대문을 열고 계단을 오르면 오른쪽에는 툇마루가 딸린 사랑방이 있고 전면의 현관문을 열고 들어서면 시각이 남쪽으로 긴 마당과 주차장을 관통하여 아름드리 조성된 소나무숲에 다다른다. 

ⓒ Woosang Yang

2층에 오르면 남쪽의 넓은 데크와 서쪽의 산을 바라볼 수 있는 데크로 거주자가 외부 공간과 교감할 수 있는 곳을 만들었다. 눈높이에서는 안 보이지만 지붕은 경사지게 하여 태양광 패널을 설치하고 배수를 용이하게 하였다. 아무쪼록 건축주 부부의 편안한 보금자리가 되길 바란다.




Location Wongyesan-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea 

Program Detached house 

Site area 567m2㎡ 

Building area 179.25m2㎡ 

Gross floor area 231.10㎡ 

Building scope 2F 

Building to land ratio 31.61% 

Floor area ratio 40.76% 

Design period 2016. 5 - 11 

Construction period 2017. 1 - 2018. 5 

Completion 2018. 5 

Principal architect Hanmook Cho 

Project architect Hanmook Cho 

Design team Hyeyeong An, Hyunah Cho 

Structural engineer Dahn Engineers & Consultants Inc. 

Mechanical engineer Samin Engineering 

Electrical engineer Joeun Electricity 

Construction Jaeyeong Ryu 

Client Migyeong Gu 

Photographer Woosang Yang

해당 프로젝트는 건축문화 2019년 7월호(Vol. 458)에 게재 되었습니다.
The project was published in the July, 2019 issue of the magazine(Vol. 458).

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