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A couple of artists asked our office to renovate their newly acquired 2-bedroom apartment in District 2, Hochiminh city. 




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Our main idea was to reorganize the living space by integrating the kitchen and dining space into a single volume of light and ambiance. 




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As the natural light inside is soft and indirect most of the time due to the building’s orientation, we opted for a raw, dark atmosphere with bare concrete to contrast with and bring forth the looming reflection on the metal surface. 




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The touch of plywood panels is researched for its warm color. The bathrooms were remade to allow more light and air. The furniture was chosen for its simplicity and generosity, with a mid-century spirit.




ⓒ Trieu Chien




한 쌍의 예술가가 호치민에 새로이 마련한 2베드룸 아파트의 인테리어를 의뢰했다. 디자이너는 부엌과 식당 공간에서 빛과 분위기가 하나로 통합되는 새로이 재구성된 생활공간을 만들어내는 것을 목표로 했다.




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직사광선이 들어오기보단 부드럽게 반사된 간접광이 들어오는 창의 방향을 이유로, 디자이너는 금속 표면에 비춰지는 반사광과 대비되는 노출콘크리트가 어둡고 잔잔한 분위기를 만들어주도록 했다.




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합판 패널이 만드는 따뜻한 색상에 많은 연구가 있었다. 화장실은 더 많은 빛과 공기가 통하도록 새로이 개조되었고, 단순함과 중세 느낌의 가구들이 선택되었다.




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Architects   Nhabe Scholae

Location   District 2, Hochiminh City

Program    105㎡

Site area   105㎡

Design period   2020. 01 - 2020. 03

Construction period   2020. 03 - 2020. 07

Completion   2020. 07

Principal architect   Anh Cuong NGUYEN

Project architect   Quoc Bao TRAN

Design team   Hong Ngoc LAM

Structural engineer   Radiant Construction 

Mechanical engineer   Radiant Construction

Electrical engineer   Radiant Construction

Client   Private

Photographer   Trieu Chien

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