ⓒ Byungchul Jeon

We have completed a ‘water well’ inspired building near Seoul, which is home to a family run Shabu-Shabu restaurant. The form of the building was taken from a disused natural water well which was revealed on site. The water well was further incorporated into the functionality, where it is used to provide water throughout the building, as well as irrigation for the restaurants micro-farm on site. We were appointed to design a 2,000sq.ft restaurant for a Client in a suburban area of Seoul, called Siheung-Si. 

ⓒ Byungchul Jeon

The Clients grew up near the site and recall their family using the natural well during their childhood. After spending most of their working lives in Seoul their dream was to move back and create a restaurant which provided the local community with home grown produce. Historically, the natural water well was used by the locals and served as a central meeting point for the community, but became disused once running water was provided in years past. 

ⓒ Byungchul Jeon

With this in mind, our design approach was to re-establish the well by using it as an aesthetic cue, and also to incorporate it in a practical sense. The building is formed with three masses. The masses are positioned carefully into the landscape and within the retaining walls which frames the sites sloping topography. 

ⓒ Byungchul Jeon

The lower volume in closest proximity to the water well, is a glass transparent lightweight box, which conveys water. The two solid concrete volumes take vessel like forms. The first one provides the ‘serviced area’ and is finished in timber board exposed concrete. This volume is where customers are served, with the seating, dining area and lounge. 

ⓒ Byungchul Jeon

The other solid concrete form is the ‘service area’ which is purposely finished in traditional exposed concrete formwork to differentiate itself from the other volumes. This space is where the kitchen, plant, WC, storage areas, and services are positioned. To highlight the water well, a connection was formed from the existing well, which brings the water through to a viewable chamber now located in the external terrace, under the 4.7m long cantilever. An exposed trench which is positioned at the foot of the retaining walls, shows this diversion of water to the chamber. This also acts as a water store which is used to transfer the water back through the building.

ⓒ Byungchul Jeon

서울 근처에 가족이 운영하는 샤브샤브 식당을 “우물”에서 영감받은 건물로 완성했다. 건물의 위치는 예전 구준물이라는 마을 사람들이 이용하던 우물이 있던 장소이다. 아름다운 대지 위에 조금은 외떨어진 위치의 특성상 아이코닉한 건물을 디자인하고자 하였다.

ⓒ Byungchul Jeon

건축주의 요청에 따라, 56평 정도의 식당을 디자인 의뢰를 받았다. 건물의 위치는 예전 구준물이라는 마을 사람들이 이용하던 우물이 있던 장소이다. 세월이 흐르고 수돗물이 쓰이면서 자연스럽게 이 우물은 사용되지 않게 되었다. 이 대지의 특성을 재현하는 건물을 설계 하고자 했다. 콘크리트 옹벽은 우물과 같이 땅 속으로 파고 들었고 일층은 폴딩 창호로 설계가 하여 자연스럽게 열려 있는 공간이 되고 마을 사람들과 외부 사람들에게 열어 주는 공간이다. 이 건물은 세 개의 매스로 이루어져 있다. 

ⓒ Byungchul Jeon

첫번째는‘ 서비스를 제공받는 곳’으로, 송판 무늬 노출 콘크리트로 마감되었다. 이덩어리는 앉는 곳, 식사 하는 곳, 라운지로서 손님들이 서비스를 받는 공간이다. 다른 콘크리트 형태는‘ 서비스를 제공하는 곳’으로 전통적 노출 콘크리트로 의도적으로 마감하여 다른 볼륨과 다르게 보이게 한다. 이 공간은 주방, 기계실, 화장실, 저장 공간, 서비스 하는 공간으로 이루어져 있다. 예전 우물의 물은 뒷산으로부터 아직도 흘러 내려오고 있다. 이 물은 건물 내부의 식수를 제외한 모든 곳에 쓰이게 되었고, 옹벽을 따라 흘러 내려 건물 앞쪽 4.7m 길이의 캔틸레버 아래에 있는 연못으로 흘러가도록 디자인 되었다. 






Architect Prime Architecture + Hobak

Location 13, Hwanggogae-ro 352beon-gil, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea 

Program Restaurant, Cafe 

Site area 1,390.00m2 

Building area 201.70m2 

Gross floor area 257.66m2

Building scope 2F 

Height 8.90m 

Building to land ratio 14.51% 

Floor area ratio 18.54%

Design team Jin Kim, Thomas Tighe, Youngwoo Suh, Valentin van Beek Engineer Dongyang Consulting Engineers 

Photographer Byungchul Jeon 

해당 프로젝트는 건축문화 11월호(Vol. 438)에 게재 되었습니다.

The project was published in the November issue of the magazine (Vol. 438)

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