The flowing and rhythmic structure of the table ‘SPIRA’ is intriguing, thus speaks the same language with its function which becomes something continues, fluid and four-dimensional world where it transforms structure into space and gathers various users and their agendas around same space. ‘SPIRA’ creates a world in between two gently curving tubular ellipsis that are paired by multiple linear elements to support each other which become the structure itself; makes us question the three terms that are not formally defined; point without size, line never ends, and plane extends forever. The supporting structure of ‘SPIRA’ is made of steel that permits 3D Steel Bending and enables the reinterpretation of the concept of balance concerning two overlapping but non intersecting geometries. The structure forms the design by shaping each ellipse to carry the load of the glass table surface from two points and distribute it from another two, and the design forms the atmosphere.



스피라 테이블은 리드미컬한 구조를 가지고 있다. 구조를 공간으로 변형시키고 사람들이 모여 의견을 같은 공간으로 모으는 듯한 유동적이면서 4차원적인 세계다. 스피라 테이블은 여러 선들이 서로를 지지하면서 그 자체로 구조 만들어 내며 부드럽게 구부러져 쌍을 이루고 관형의 타원 사이에 세계가 만들어진다. 공식적으로 정의할 수 없지만 크기가 없는 점과 끝이 보이지 않는 선, 무한한 확장이 일어나는 평면이라는 세 가지 궁금증이 생긴다. 스피라 테이블의 구조는 강철을 이용하여 3D 밴딩되도록 제작됐으며, 겹쳐지면서도 교차되지 않는 모습은 기하학적 측면에서 균형을 재해석했다. 테이블의 유리판의 무게를 두 지점에서 다른 두 지점으로 분산시키도록 타원을 만들어 낸 구조가 디자인의 형태를 완성했으며, 이 가구만의 독특한 분위기를 만든다.






Size 300cm x 120cm 
Year 2015
Design Melike Altınışık, Mimmel
Photographer MMA

해당 프로젝트는 건축문화 2022년 11월호(Vol. 498)에 게재되었습니다.
The project was published in the November, 2022 recent projects of the magazine(Vol. 498).


November 2022 : vol. 498

Contents : RECORDS Architecture Week held at Yongsan Park after tearing down the wall 벽을 허물고 돌아온 용산공원에서 열린 건축주간 : NEWS / COMPETITION / BOOKS : SKETCH A rural house painted with Passion Sangria / Sangwon Kim 열정적


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