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The 4th 2013-14 APAP

Anyang Public Art Project, APAP, in year 2013 and 2014 is the 4th project since the previous projects in year 2005(1st), 2007(2nd) and 2010(3rd). The first theme was “Dynamic Balance”, and then comes “Appropriate, Regenerate, Transform” and “New Community in the Open City”, and finally public art that combines architect, landscape and art begun to take place. The 4th APAP decided look back on the previous APAP with “Public Story” as its main theme. Under its slogans “For a Knowledge Commons”, “Stories from Each of You”, and “Listening through the Mind”, APAP is presenting rest point before new beginning.

Chulki Hong

Anyang Pavilion – Alvaro Siza Hall

Alvaro Siza Hall, com

pleted in July, 2006, has held various exhibitions and now it is planning to become a new centripetal space with the 4th APAP as its turning point. Hence, part of the spaces that were used for exhibition now became a park library with old books and materials that cover public arts, making lab with workshop, and executive office of Anyang Foundation of Culture & Art and APAP. Alvaro Siza Hall has now turned into an Anyang Pavilion, a new distribution network of knowledge and information for people who create, enjoy, and study public art.

Chulki Hong

An architect Haewon Shin from Lokaldesign, who was selected from the competition, amalgamated and reconstructed existing elements with “Integration” as the motive and designed interior space to be a multi-dimensional and variable space that embraces both interest and practicality.

The main material that was used throughout the space is an eco-friendly card board that has the advantages of both paper and wood; it is durable as much as wood but still very light due to its empty space inside. Card board is used with cornstarch as an adhesive, and it is 100 percent recyclable. These materials are used to make stool, lounge bench, information desk, reading table, bookshelf, and furniture for Making Lab. All these furniture are in harmony with existing elements and can be moved and transformed flexibly per its purpose. Anyang Pavilion, which is a centripetal factor of APAP, is a space where can hold various programs and diverse range of people can enjoy various activities.

Chulki Hong

Spaces are mainly divided into four areas; Making Lab, archive display board, library and presentation. Specific part of each area can be expended or hidden flexibly based on the activity that is taking place. Also, each area is naturally connected together and preserved the sense of unified space.

Especially furniture, bookshelf, reading table, and lounge bench, inside the library and presentation area ties each areas together and present various designs using card board. The design of bookshelf emphasizes its motive ‘integration’ and offers the feeling of variety by reorganizing and repairing the furniture of Yuyu Industrial Co. as one part. Reading table is constructed with card board partition, stool and plywood table.

Chulki Hong

Partition helps people using reading table to improve their concentration by blocking part of their view, and wheel of the table allows it to be easily moved and rearranged. Diameter of lounge bench is 7,200mm and height varies from 400mm minimum to 1,500mm maximum for the portion with back. Total numbers of 12 units, resulting in 6 pairs, are designed by connecting different card boards. The bench with varying height provides a place to read books from the library and also the inside space of the bench, with inner diameter of 4,457mm, provides a place for children to sit down on the floor and listen to a lecture on presentation or becomes a safe zone. Each furniture is designed to compose its own domain while harmonizing with the other domains and elements, hence achieving overall integration.

Chulki Hong

Architect: Shin Hae-won

Location : 1351 Anyang-dong, Manan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, S.Korea

Program : Culture

Material : cardboard

Design Period : July, 2013 ~ August, 2013

Construction Period : August, 2013 ~ September, 2013

Exhibition Period : September, 2013 ~ Present

Photographer : Chulki Hong, lokaldesign

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