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Japanese wagyu grilled on charcoal shows the essence of traditional Japanese cuisine. Nakahara Kentaro's Wagyu Omakase restaurant, a master of wagyu cuisine, has been built in the center of China's Shenzhen Business District. The restaurant is hidden under a high-rise building. If you follow the mysterious logo attached to the concrete building, you will face a black wall and a glass wall. Black, which is also the color of the iron plate, creates a static and calm atmosphere for customers entering the restaurant and informs the introduction of the taste experience. The interior creates a Japanese tatami room, and wood, fabric, gold foil, and metal materials blend together to create a rhythmical harmony. Waterscapes, bonsai, and beautiful stone materials show oriental-style minimalist designs everywhere, creating a space like ink painting.


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숯에 구워 먹는 일본식 와규는 일본의 전통적인 요리의 정수를 보여준다. 중국 선전 비즈니스 지구 중심에 이 와규 요리의 거장인 나카하라 켄타로의 와규 오마카세 식당이 들어섰다. 식당은 고층으로 둘러싸인 건물 아래에 숨어 있다. 콘크리트 건물에 붙어있는 신비로운 분위기의 로고를 따라 입장하면 검은색 벽과 유리 벽을 마주한다. 철판의 색이기도 한 검은색은 식당에 들어선 손님에게 정적이면서도 고요한 분위기를 조성하며 미각적 체험의 서장을 알린다. 내부는 일본의 다다미방을 연출하였으며, 목재, 직물, 금박, 메탈 소재들이 서로 어우러지며 리드미컬한 조화를 이룬다. 수경과 분재, 아름다운 석재들이 곳곳에서 동양풍의 미니멀리즘 디자인을 보여주며 마치 수묵화 같은 공간을 연출한다.


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Interior finishes design Nature Times Art Design Co., Ltd.
Location Kerry Plaza, Shenzhen, China
Project area 200㎡
Interior decoration design Nature Times Art Aesthetics
Chief designer Wei Jinjing, Wei Yaocheng, Zhang Huichao
Designer Xie Gang
Client Shoku-tei Catering Co., Ltd.
Construction YCWORK
Lighting consulting Ding Jie
Graphic design United Design Lab
Photographer HereSpace


해당 프로젝트는 건축문화 2022년 12월호(Vol. 499)에 게재되었습니다.
The project was published in the December, 2022 recent projects of the magazine(Vol. 499).


December 2022 : vol. 499

Contents : RECORDS Communicate with the city, Encounter architecture, Discover a story: 'Open House Seoul 2022' 도시와 소통하다, 건축을 만나다, 이야기를 발견하다: ‘오픈하우스서울 2022’ To Demonstrate the Era of Carbon Neutra


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