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'Gyesan 27' is located on a narrow and complex site excluding the front road. Gyesan-dong is a fire-fighting district and an area subject to review on the impact of preservation of cultural properties, so there were restrictions on the height and openings of buildings.

Considering the connection between Gyesan Cathedral located on the periphery of the site and the modern alley, a dining lounge was planned on the first and second floors. The third, fourth and fifth floors are residential spaces, overlooking the nearby Gyesan Cathedral and the First Church in the distance. In addition, because it is open towards an old zelkova tree, you can experience changes in seasons up close.

The entry area of the three-story house captures the background of the house with a deep yard, and the steel louver prevents the entry area from being seen from outside. An exposed concrete exterior, which expresses the physical properties of the material as it is, blends in with the surroundings.

The courtyard and two lounging spaces inside the house are planned so that rest and relaxation can coexist inside and outside. In the courtyard, a louver-type sliding door was installed at the top to block direct sunlight and create a silhouette effect.



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'계산 27'은 전면도로를 제외하면 협소하고 복잡한 형태의 대지에 있다. 건축물이 들어선 계산동은 방화지구와 문화재 보존영향검토대상 구역으로, 개구부와 건축물 높이에 제한이 있었다. 대지의 주변에 있는 계산성당과 근대 골목의 연계성을 고려해 1, 2층에는 휴게음식점을 계획했다. 3, 4, 5층은 주거공간으로 가까이 있는 계산성당과 멀리 제일교회의 배경을 담아냈다. 또한, 오래된 느티나무를 향해 열어둔 중정은 사계절의 변화감을 내부에서 느낄 수 있도록 했다.

3층 주거 진입부는 마당깊은 집의 배경을 담아냄과 동시에 외부에서 내부로의 시선을 차단하는 효과를 내기 위해 스틸루버로 마감했으며, 주변과의 조화를 이루도록 재료의 물성이 그대로 표현되는 노출콘크리트로 마감했다. 내부의 중정과 두 곳의 휴식공간은 쉼이 내외부 구분 없이 이 건축물에 공존하도록 계획한 것이다. 중정은 상부의 루버형 슬라이딩 도어를 설치하여 직사광선이 차단되고 빛은 스며들어 실루엣 같은 효과가 연출된다.



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Architects NAMGYUNG ARCHITECT OFFICE | 건축사사무소 남경
Location Yangnyeong-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea
Program Neighborhood Facilities, House
Site area 160.60㎡
Building area 113.54㎡
Gross floor area 396.93㎡
Building scope 5F
Building to land ratio 70.70%
Floor area ratio 247.15%
Design period 2019. 10 - 2020. 3
Construction period 2020. 5 - 2021. 1
Completion 2021. 2
Principal architect Seonggi Son
Project architect Seonggi Son
Design team Hyunmi Jo, Eunji Baek
Structural engineer Smart Structural Engineer
Mechanical engineer Sesol Engineering
Electrical engineer Sesol Engineering
Construction Seum Construction (Deukhwan Cho)
Client Sangyeol Park, Injoo Kim
Photographer Donggyu Yoon



해당 프로젝트는 건축문화 2022년 1월호(Vol. 488)에 게재되었습니다.
The project was published in the January, 2022 recent projects of the magazine(Vol. 488).


January 2022 : vol. 488



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