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The Houses of Cards, built in an allotment of a small town in the province of Turin, in Northern Italy, are part of the experimentatio phase on the large granite slab for use as a load-bearing construction element. Both houses consist of a triple level of superimposed septa that connect thanks to a system of cuts and metal dowels. During the structural design phase, for normative reasons related to their certification, we chose to combine granite slabs with other concrete panels. This allowed us to study the material without having to go through a lengthy certification process which would have delayed and perhaps compromised the possibility of completing the project. Working in combination with the colored concrete panels has helped us to understand the limits and opportunities of this material. This is now helping us to develop the research and carry on the experimentation on pre-cast concrete through some other projects we have now underway.
Research and experimentation on the material has therefore developed in hand-in-hand with that on the structural system based on load-bearing panels. The shape of the two houses comes from a sequential approach to the project. Starting from a regular and intuitive scheme - the Cat House - we developed a second project - the Dog House - in which the theoretical problems identified in the structure of the first building are solved by form.This produced more complex spaces. The Cat House has an orthogonal structure which determines its weakness in reacting to forces produced by an hypothetical earthquake; the dry mounted panels therefore needs metal bracings and reinforcements to resist transverse forces. The Dog House, instead, thanks to its shape developed around a central courtyard, does not require additional bracings. The complexity of its radial form produces a structurally efficient building.
The research carried out during the design phase gets tested in the construction site: this is the phase of experimentation and verification, this is when it is possible to identify new problems, solve them and process them in order to understand if the idea behind the project can become a possible construction system.

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카드를 쌓듯이 구축된 다채로운 공간과 입면, 하우스 오브 카드
이탈리아 북부 토리노 지방의 작은 마을에 위치한 하우스 오브 카드는 하중을 견딜 수 있는 건축 요소로 사용하기 위한 대형 화강암 슬라브 실험이다. 구조 설계 단계에서 구조 인증을 위한 규범 때문에 화강암 슬라브를 다른 콘크리트 패널과 결합해서 사용했다. 이로 인해 건축가는 오랜 인증 과정을 거치지 않고도 자료를 연구할 수 있었다. 그리고 컬러 콘크리트 패널을 함께 사용해 화강암 슬라브의 장단점을 이해하는데 더욱 도움이 되었다.
건축 자재에 대한 연구와 실험은 하중 지지 패널을 기반으로 하는 구조 시스템과 함께 개발되었다. 두 집의 형태는 프로젝트에 대한 순차적인 접근에서 비롯된다. 캣하우스라는 규칙적이고 직관적인 체계에서 출발하여 첫 번째 주택에서 파악된 이론적 문제를 형태별로 해결하는 두 번째 주택인 도그하우스를 건설했다. 이렇게 더욱 정교하고 복잡한 공간을 구성할 수 있었다. 캣하우스는 직교 그리드를 기반으로 하는 구조로 되어 있어 내진 성능을 기대할 수 없었다. 카드처럼 끼워진 슬라브와 패널은 횡력에 저항하기 위해 보강재가 필요했다. 대신, 도그하우스는 중정을 중심으로 방사형 배치 형태를 따르기 때문에 별도의 버팀목이 필요 없었다. 방사형이 가진 복잡성은 곧 구조적으로 효율적이기 때문이다.

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Architect Elastico Farm
Location Torrazza Piemonte, Torino, Italy
Gross floor area 400㎡
Design period 2015 - 2016
Construction period 2016 - 2019
Completion 2020
Design team Stefano Pujatti, Valeria Brero, Serena Nano, Daniele Almondo, Andrea Rosada
Photographer atelier XYZ


해당 프로젝트는 건축문화 2021년 8월호(Vol. 483)에 게재되었습니다.
The project was published in the August, 2021 issue of the magazine(Vol. 482).


August 2021 : vol. 483




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