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Buildings constructed in a housing development district tend to become functional buildings with a uniform spatial shape due to similar land conditions. This land demanded an active gesture to ensure a view of the mountain in front as well as to protect the family’s private life. We thought of a house that could create a quiet and calm atmosphere, and open and close the scenery beyond it. We expected that a fluid courtyard in a house would act sometimes as a yard that united with surrounding nature, and other times as a tranquil yard only for its members.
The land, located in the housing development district of the Wirye new town near Seoul, is at the boundary between the apartment complex in the rear and the detached residential area in front.
It interfaces with a two-lane road at an approximately 3m depth to the northwest, and a buffered green zone divides the land and the road, thus securing the privacy. Furthermore, because the land is located in front of the intersection between two roads, it has an open view of the mountain, but at the same time, the problem of privacy breach from adjacent roads should be taken into consideration.
We arranged a symmetrical U-shaped mass on the site with confidence, which is centrally located at the end of the road. It was a bold attempt to turn the site’s bad condition into an advantage. The U-shaped mass was also a form that actively attracts nature on the other side of the road, and a device to protect the privacy from both lots. A large moving wall was placed on the front interfacing with the road to secure privacy by closing it during weekdays or while commuting for work, and to utilize the yard flexibly by opening it when necessary.
After a long discussion with the owner, we decided to separate the first and second floors to secure privacy for each floor. We planned the first floor to be an open space toward the inner courtyard, and the second floor to embrace nature outside, which was intended to separate the first and second floors visually. We intended to give a new experience of visual communication between the building owner couple and the child by placing the central courtyard on the first floor of a U-shaped plane so that each room faces each other. We planned the second floor to be open to the outside so that each room would have a different landscape.
For users who cannot experience the external space relatively, we designed the attic with different floor heights according to functional and legal issues to allow experiences of various feels of spaces indoors. This appears as various gable roofs where we can feel the changing flow resembling a mountain range from the outside, which forms the design identity of this building.

ⓒ Kyungsub Shin

산을 닮은 고요한 안식처, 와이 하우스
택지개발지구 안에 지어지는 건물은 비슷한 대지 현황으로 인해 획일적인 공간 형태를 가지는 기능적인 건물이 되기 쉽다. 이 대지는 집 안의 생활을 보호하면서도 정면의 산을 바라보는 뷰가 보장되어야 했다. 고요하고 차분한 분위기를 만들면서 그 너머의 풍경을 열고 닫을 수 있는 집을 계획했다. 유동적인 마당을 품은 집은 때로는 주변의 자연과 하나가 되는 마당으로, 때로는 구성원들만의 고요한 마당으로 작용하기를 기대했다.
서울 근교 위례신도시 택지개발필지에 위치한 대지는 후면 아파트 단지와 정면 택지개발지구의 단독주택지 사이의 경계점에 위치하고 있다. 북서 측으로는 3m정도 낮은 위치에 2차선 도로가 접해있고, 땅과 도로를 나누는 완충녹지가 있어 프라이버시가 확보되어 있다. 또한, 두 개의 도로가 만나는 교차로 앞에 위치해 있어 산이 보이는 개방적인 뷰를 가지고 있지만 동시에 인접 도로에서의 프라이버시를 고려해야 하는 문제를 가지고 있다.
도로 끝 중앙에 위치한 이 땅에 당당하게 대칭적인 ㄷ자형 매스를 배치하며, 불리한 대지 조건을 장점으로 이용했다. ㄷ매스는 도로 반대쪽 끝 자연을 적극적으로 끌어들이는 형태이기도 하며, 양쪽 필지와의 프라이버시를 지켜주는 장치이기도 하다. 도로와 접하는 전면에는 큰 무빙월을 두어, 주중이나 출·퇴근 시 닫아서 프라이버시를 확보하고 필요시에는 개방하여 마당을 유동적으로 활용하고자 했다.
건축주와의 오랜 고민 끝에 1층과 2층은 분리되어 각 층의 프라이버시를 확보했다. 1층은 안쪽 중정을 향해 열린 공간으로, 2층은 바깥의 자연을 품을 수 있도록 계획했고, 이는 1층과 2층의 시각적인 분리를 의미한다. 1층은 ㄷ형태의 평면으로 중정을 두어 각각의 방이 서로 마주 보게 계획하여, 건축주인 부부와 아이가 가운데 마당을 사이로 시각적으로 소통하는 새로운 경험을 주고자 하였다. 2층은 외부로 열려있어 각각의 방에 다른 풍경을 담도록 계획하였다.
외부공간을 상대적으로 경험하지 못하는 사용자를 위해, 기능적·법적인 이슈에 따라 서로 다른 층고를 가진 다락을 계획하여 실내에서 다양한 공간감을 경험할 수도 있다. 외부에서 산맥처럼 변화하는 흐름이 느껴지는 다양한 박공지붕은 이 건물의 디자인 아이덴티티를 형성한다.

ⓒ Kyungsub Shin
ⓒ Kyungsub Shin
ⓒ Kyungsub Shin
ⓒ Kyungsub Shin
ⓒ Kyungsub Shin
ⓒ Kyungsub Shin
ⓒ Kyungsub Shin


Architect KODE Architects
Location Wiryehanbit-ro, Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Program House
Site area 255.00㎡
Building area 127.08㎡
Gross floor area 340.16㎡
Building scope B1, 2F
Building to land ratio 49.84%
Floor area ratio 82.33%
Design period 2018. 2 - 10
Construction period 2018. 12 - 2019. 10
Principal architect Minho Kim
Project architect Minho Kim
Design team KODE Architects
Structural engineer SDM
Mechanical engineer Sungsin
Electrical engineer Geugdong
Photographer Kyungsub Shin


해당 프로젝트는 건축문화 2021년 9월호(Vol. 484)에 게재되었습니다.
The project was published in the September, 2021 issue of the magazine(Vol. 484).


September 2021 : vol. 484



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