ⓒ Jongsang Oh

The most distinct feature of church construction that is different from designing buildings of other purposes is the fact that there are ‘multiple’ owners. There are the empiricists, who are specific and assertive, and there are those who seem to be pacifists but clinch their argument with courtesy and persistence. From how inexpensive the costs will be to how big it will seem, the attitude the architect must take in the hail of demands such as ‘It was like this before’ or ‘First of all, the sign needs to be big and the cross needs to stand out’ is always the question. Since it is difficult to completely agree to the given opinions, the architect must respect them but also let them know that there is a better way. We must tell them that it is possible to consider the neighbors while maintaining not only the functions or economics but also their elegance. Therefore, ‘communication’ and ‘persuasion’ are also skills for architects. Sometimes the stakes must be raised or clever moves must be made.

ⓒ Jongsang Oh

Taejeon Beautiful Church is located at a corner of an area that was planned as a new city due to the district unit plan, at a religious site. Since the site is surrounded by detached housing sites and a green buffer zone, its relatively large scale would have allowed it to stand out even if detached houses were built in the future. When the first proposal was designed, we thought that it would be best to avoid being coercive among the small-scale detached houses. We decided to go with a friendly and humble appearance, like a kind and big guy in the neighborhood. A neat box shape was created with monotonous concrete and familiar bricks. The signs that scream in red and yellow were removed, and the piercing sharp steeple was also removed. An outdoor cafe was placed on the first floor by the road, underneath the lifted concrete mass to allow anyone to rest and relax. Furthermore, a calm worship space for quiet worship was provided, and a wide lawn garden that allows one to take a breath from the intense city was placed on the rooftop.

ⓒ Jongsang Oh

After finishing the construction, some regrets were left due to the limited budget. However, we were able to save the broth that could have been spoiled with too many cooks since questions such as “What should a church in the city be like?” or “What seems more like a church?” helped us focus and keep our balance.

ⓒ Jongsang Oh

단정한 박스 형태의 예배공간, 태전아름다운교회

교회를 건축하는 것이 다른 용도의 건물을 설계할 때와 다른 가장 큰 특징은 건축주가 ‘다수’인 것이다. 구체적이고 확신에 찬 경험주의자도 있고, 겉으로는 평화주의지만 은근과 끈기로 뜻을 관철시키는 사람도 있다. 얼마나 저렴하게, 얼마나 커 보이게 할지부터 ‘전에는 이랬는데’, ‘일단 간판은 크고 십자가는 잘 보여야’ 하는 등의 빗발치는 요구 가운데 건축가가 취해야 하는 자세는 늘 고민스럽다. 전적인 수용은 곤란하기 때문에 의견을 존중하되, 더 나은 방향이 있음을 알려야 한다. 기능, 경제성뿐 아니라 동시에 고상한 품위를 지키고 이웃에 대한 배려도 가능함을 이야기해야 한다. 그래서 건축가에게는 ‘소통’과 ‘설득’도 실력이다. 때론 강수가, 때론 묘수가 필요하다.

ⓒ Jongsang Oh

태전아름다운교회는 지구단위계획에 의해 신도시로 계획된 지역의 한쪽 구석, 종교부지에 자리 잡았다. 대지는 단독주택 부지와 완충녹지에 둘러싸인 형국으로, 향후 주택이 들어서더라도 상대적으로 큰 규모 때문에 드러나 보이게 되어 있다. 처음 계획안을 구상하면서 작은 규모의 단독주택들 사이에서 위압적이지 않았으면 좋겠다는 생각을 했다. 맘씨 좋은 덩치 큰 동네 형의 모습과 같이 친근하고 겸손한 모습으로 방향을 정했다. 심심한 콘크리트와 친근한 벽돌로 단정한 박스 형태를 만들었다. 빨강으로, 노랑으로 소리치는 커다란 간판도 없애고, 찌르듯 뾰족한 십자가 탑도 없앴다. 1층 길가 옆, 들어 올린 콘크리트 덩어리 아래에 야외 카페는 누구든 편하게 쉴 수 있는 공간이다. 또한, 고요하게 예배할 수 있는 예배공간과 옥상에는 빡빡한 도시에 숨통을 틔워주는 넓은 잔디 정원이 있다.

ⓒ Jongsang Oh

ⓒ Jongsang Oh

ⓒ Jongsang Oh

ⓒ Jongsang Oh



Architects   Jongsang Oh

Location   Taejeondong-ro, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea 

Program   Religious facilities 

Site area   912m²

Building area   477m²

Gross floor area   1,395m²

Building scope   B1, 3F

Building to land ratio   52.35% 

Floor area ratio   132.84% 

Design period   2018. 9 - 2019. 3 

Construction period   2019. 7 - 2020. 5 

Completion   2020. 5 

Principal architect   Jongsang Oh 

Project architect   Jongsang Oh 

Design team   Jongsang Oh 

Structural engineer   Wonsub Seo 

Mechanical engineer   Jusung M.E.C 

Electrical engineer   Hangil Engineering 

Construction   JH construction 

Client   Taejeon Beautiful church 

Photographer   Jongsang Oh

해당 프로젝트는 건축문화 2020년 9월호(Vol. 472)에 게재 되었습니다.

The project was published in the September, 2020 issue of the magazine(Vol. 472).

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